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Industrial gauges tools

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Prabhakar Engineering Works
Plot No. 4, Opp. Escort Herion Ltd.,
Thani More, Mujessar, Faridabad 2441413 All Kinds of Carbide & Steel Gauges, Jig Bush
& CNC Jaw, Spi. in Jig Boring & Grinding Job Work

Prabhash Tools & Engineers
50, Rajender Nagar, IndI. Area,
Sahibabad, Gzb 2623188,2628863
Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges & M/C acc.

Pragati Machine Tools
D-242, Sector-i 0,
Noida 9810805449 Press tools,
jigs & fixtures, moulding die,
casting dies, industrial components

Pragati Technologies
C-i 8, Sec-63, Noida 2403417
Job work on CNC Wire Cut & EDM M/C
Precision Injection Moulding Press Tools & Jigs & Fixtures

Prakash Tools (India)
Shop 111, New Market No.3,
NIT. Faridabad 241 1776 Milling, Jig Boring, Key Cutting & Candy
Packing Aluminium Disc.

Precision Tools & Components
FCA-3675,(A-89), SGM Nagar, NH-3,
Faridabad 4050688,4051689 Precision Turned Sheet Metal & Moulded
Components, Press Tools, Moulds, Jig & Fixture

Preeti Machine Tools
47, Ram Swaroop Colony,
Mujessar, Faridebad 4029518
Cutting Dies, Jig Fixtures, Draw Tools &
Sheet Metal Cow ponents

Prem Gangs Industries
3C-73, B.F., NIT., Fbd 2422143
Spares for ZIP & button industries, die, jig,
fixture, gauges, SFM machine.

Presision Sheet Metal Works 34,
Sec 7, MT Manesar,
Gurgeon 4368035-37/0124-4368036
Sheet Metal Welding & Fabrication, Plastic Parts, Tools, Gauges, Jigs,
Fixture & Material Handling Equipments

Progressive Tools & Components (P) Ltd.
C-222, 8.5. Road, IndI. Area,
Gzb 3944142/0120-2800458
Precision Tools & Components

Progressive Tools & Components Pvt. Ltd.
8/3A, Sit e-4, Sahibabad IndI. Area,
Gzb 2770268,2774188 Die Tools

Prompt Tools
C-442, Sector-10, Noida 2545073
Milling work, Moulding tools, press tool, jigs &

Proto Export India
C-239, Sector-10,
Noida 2551266
Magnetic tools

R.K. Engineering Works
186,, Thani More, Mujesar,
Faridabad 9810603839 -
Tooling Rubber & Plastic Mould Die Casting

RDR Incorporation
E-i 1, Sec-6, Noida 2422493/0120-2422493
Sheet Metal Components, Tool, Die & Mould

Rema Tools
83, Friends Colony Gali No.3,
Sohna Road, Baltabgarh 9811547790
Carbide & H.S. Tools, Cutters, Reamers,

Rena Tools & Components
FCA-3835/1, 5GM. Nagar,
Nr. Reja Chowk, NIT. Faridabad 4054699
Tools, Sheet Metal Components &
Fabrication jobs

Royal Precision Tools & Engineers
89, Rajender Nagar IndI. Area,
Mohan Nagar, Gzb 2939171
Precision Components, Jigs, Fixtures,
Gauges, Machine Tools Accessories

Sachdev Tools
H-532 (B), Phase-i,
IndI. Area, Bhiwadi 223794
Maintenance & Hydraulic Jobs

Sager Engineers
58-B, IndI. Area,
Faridabad 4022343
Precision Tooling & Sheet Metal Components

Sal Industries
MCF-5406, Sanjay Colony,
Sec 23, Faridabad 2237858
Pressure Die Casting & Tools

Sanjay Engineering Works
10, Rajender Nagar IndI. Area,
Mohan Nager, Gzb 9891038705
Precision Components, Die, Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, Machine Tools Accessories

Shiv Machine Tools & Dies
C-40, Sec-2, Noida 2544123
Press Tool, Progressive Tools, Sheet Metal
Component, Plastic Injection Moulds, Plastic Goods,
Jigs, Fixtures & Industrial Component

Shiv Shakti Enterprises
F.C.A. 3516, Gall No.8, Block-A,
S.G.M NagarNIT. Fandabad 2424242
Moulding Tools & Moulding of Industrial
Components of bakelite, Urea, Melamine,
Plastic & Rubber DMC & SMC Sheet Metal Tools & Components,
Projection Welding Job Work

Shiv Tool Engineers
14/4, Mathura Road,
Bali Nagar, Faridabad 9811490791
Sheet Metal Tools, Dies, Jig Fixtures, Lathe &
Fabrication Works

Shree Balaji Engineers
68, Rajender Nagar IndI. Area,
Mohan Nagar, Gzb 9810024651
Die, Mould, Jig Fixture, Gauge, Press Tools &

Shree Jee Engineers
11, Gopal IndI. Compound,
Meerut Rd. IndI. Area,
Gzb 3949409 Jigs Fixtures, Moulds Press Tools &
Machinery Parts, CNC Wire Cut Job Work

Shree Shiva Engineering Works
H-52, Sec-9, Noida 2525231
Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, Press Tools. Moulds,
Machinery Parts and Tool Room Machine Job Works

Shri Sent Engineering Works
43. Thani More, Main Mujessar,
Faridabad 4028170/0129-2237881
Solid Carbide, HSS Cub Carbide, Brazed,
Cutting Tools, Reemers, Drills, Core Drills, Step Drills,
CNC Jaws, Jig Fixture, Receiving Gauges, Plugs & Snap Gauges

Shyama Industries
1st Floor, Survey No. SPLi,
RICCO Industry Area, Bhiwadi 412462/01493-222890
Grooved Stereos & Blister Pack, Label &
Carton Printing Machine, Letters and Measuring Cup

Sigma Tools & Engineers
251, Rejender Nagar IndI. Area,
Mohan Negar, Gzb 2939217/0120-2939217
Press Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Moulds, SFM &
Accessories, Gauges, Horological Parts, Automation Work & Job Work

Singh Fine Components
366, Sector 24, Faridabad 9810190266
Precision Components, Sheet Metal Tools &
Lamination Tools Jig Fixtures & Lathe Job

Sonia Technofast Engineers
268, Amer Colony,
Kadipur Rd, Gurgeon 2303089
Jigs, fixtures, inspection gauges, SPMS,
press tools, piller die set, design developments of components & sheet metal job works.

Sourabh Engineering Works
C-182, Sector-b, Noida 2533402
Sheet metal, tools, & components

Star Machine Tools
E 251-252, Sanjay Colony,
Sec 23, Faridabad 9811103701
Aluminium, brass, Nylon, Ball Cages. Die Set,
Sheet Metals, Stamping, Punches

Super Metal
E-i 18, Sanjay Colony,
Sec 23, Faridabed 2238350
Sheet Metal Components & Tools Makers

T.N.B Engineering Works
FCA-A-4013, S.G.M Nagar,
Faridabad 241 4895,3102527/0129-241 34587
Job work of C.N.C. Wirecut M/C., Jig Fixture,
Gauges, Dies and milling & Grinding Works

Tapiat Technomech Pvt. Ltd.
B-3, Sector-i 0, Noida 2532679/0120-2542175
Gauges, jigs & fixtures, SPM's, machining
components, material handling systems, tubler & sheet metal components

Techno Engineers
Sheds, Plot 20,
Dhanda IndI. Complex,
NIT. Faridabad 4023348/0129-4022917 Jig & Fixtures,
Gauges, Welding SPM etc.

Tirupati Machine Tools
1307, Rampur Mundane IndI. Area,
Phese-V, Rhiwedi 9812178911
Industrial components, Tyre Mould, Tyre
Building, Drum Tube Mould, Flap, Mould Repairing,
Jig, Fixture cutting Tools & Job Works, Machine Parts etc.

Tomar Micro Tools
E-23, Opp. Sepna Textile,
Sec 23, Faridabad 3094023
Dies, Jig, Fixture, Gauges & Precision Sheet
Metal Components

Tool Maker Associates
294, Sec 24,
Faridabad 2232625,2234668/0129-4021466

Tool Room Engineers
3E-iO. Banglow Plot,
NIT. Faridabad 2417238/0129-2434904
Jigs, Fixtures, Special Purpose Gauges &
Precision Spares

Tool Tech Industries 623,
Sec 37, Pace City II,
Gurgaon 2210805 Jig,
Fixtures, Gauges, Press Tool & Industrial


45 of 114 Companies in

Previous70 |71 - 114 of 114|

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