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MM Knitwears Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-57, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422202
Description: Hosiery Garments

Maa Kaushaki Services
Address : E-91, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422928
Description: Printing, Hotel Stationeries

Maa Pet (P) Ltd.
Address : G-8, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2524412,2546363/0120-2443982
Description: Disposable glasses, pet bottle

Mac International
Address : A-14, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2462566-68
Description: Wooden Furniture, Venetian Blinds

Mac Wheeler India
Address : G-17, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2528677
Description: Automobiles parts

Macawber Beekay (P) Ltd.
Address : Nokta Dadn Rd Ind. Area, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 011-422242221011-42224333,444
Description: Material Handling Equipments (Conveyors, etc.)

Machintorg (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : F-29, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 4346689,3947671
Description: Screws, Pins, Rivets, Studs

Macromedia Digital Imaging Pvt. Ltd.
Address : F-44, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2423399,2423882/0120-2423772
Description: Digital Printing

Macroplast Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-18/2, Indl. Area, Site B, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2560717
Description: Transformers

Macsam Garment Manufacturers & Exporters
Address : C-4, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 4346990-91,2422059/0120-4643992
Description: Garment Exporters

Macware Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-58, Sec 83, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2462281/01 20-2462281
Description: Precision Sheet Metal Auto & Mech Components

Madhu Cool Centre
Address : F-6, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 4310112,2422112,2422807
Description: Packaged Drinking Water

Madhu Electric Control System
Address : C-l55, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2502375
Description: L.T. panel, M.C.C. panel, distribution boxes, capacitor panel, rush way, bus duct ion & erection.

Madhu Fasteners (P) Ltd.
Address : B-10, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2422936
Description: Multicolor computerized embroidery

Madhu Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-43, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422504/0120-4346844
Description: Computerized Embroidery

Madhuraj Translites Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-74, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 2523017,2544500/0120-2520461
Description: Translite/Moulded and Product Shape Glow Signs

Madhuraj Transiftes Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-39, Sector-57, Noida
Phone No : 2583460/0120-2520461
Description: Translite/Moulded and Product Shape Glow Signs

Magic Software Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-107, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 3054300
Description: Software Development & Networking Service Provider

Magmuma Machinery
Address : E-107, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423852
Description: Medical equipments

Magnum Overseas
Address : D-131, Ph-II, Hosiery Complex, Noida
Phone No : 4352513,613
Description: Garment Exports

Mahabir Aluminum
Address : B-35, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 4310379
Description: Aluminum Sections Fabrication

Mahalaxmi Packaging
Address : C-38, Sector-63, Noida
Phone No : 2401081
Description: Corrugated Rolls, Sheets & Boxes

Mahalaxmi Printing Solutions
Address : F-24, 1st Floor, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 3052624
Description: PS Plates & Chemicals

Maharishi Ayurveda Products
Address : 17-18, NPEZ, Noida
Phone No : 2567015-17/0120-2567014
Description: Ayurvedic Medicine

Mahavir International (P) Ltd.
Address : A-10, Sector-57, Noida
Phone No : 2490474-75/0120-2588752
Description: Garment Exports

Mahendra Metals (P) Ltd.
Address : B-14, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2580256/0120-2585807
Description: Sheet Metal Components

Mahesh Kumar & Co.
Address : A-35, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423094,2423189
Description: Precision turned & sheet metal components

Mahesh Packaging (P) Ltd.
Address : F-68, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2532405,2541911
Description: Cartons/printed box, mono carton, sheets rail

Mahesh Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Address : F-68, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2532405
Description: Cartons/printed box, mono carton, sheet rolls etc.

Mahesh Udyog
Address : A-93, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2548274,2535657
Description: Cartons, printed box, mono carton, sheet rails

Maheshwari Electrical Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-59, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420769,2420698/0120-2420769
Description: Control Panel & Electrical Project Division

Mahi Enterprises
Address : E-29, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 9811119439
Description: Visiting Cards, Biti./Challan Book, Box Printing or all types of Advertising & Screen Printing Stationery

Mahima Exim (P) Ltd.
Address : B-95, Sector-60, Noida
Phone No : 2588831,2588837
Description: Garment Exports

Maijo Engg. Works
Address : C-183, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2526522
Description: Precision engineering components on lathe, shaping & milling machines

Mainee Steel Works (P) Ltd.
Address : E-14 B, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2825237
Description: Shuttering plate

Maker Woolen & Silk Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-98, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 2441466
Description: Garment Export

Makino Auto Industries
Address : D-l46-148, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2402985,2402986/0120-2402985
Description: Auto parts

Malhotra Automotive Components
Address : B-84, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420647
Description: Plastic Shocker (Auto Parts)

Malhotra Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 11-C, Udyog Kendra, Greater Noida
Phone No : 65185382/011 -28114050
Description: Colour Television

Malhotra Ice Factory
Address : B-107, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2544030
Description: Ice lab & ice cube

Malhotra Industries
Address : A-4, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2401641
Description: Oil Filters

Malhotra Rubber Ltd.
Address : B-4, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2543028,29
Description: Tyre

Malik Electrical Repairing Works
Address : C-28, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2558068
Description: Motor repairing, generator sets, welding sets, panel boards

Malik Enterprises
Address : C-343, Sector 10, Noida
Phone No : 2536434
Description: Electronic Choke, DVD Power Supply, DVD Power Supply with Amplifier, DC Power Supply to operate Color TV, DTH Power Supply etc.

Malik Wire Mach. Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-22/22, Sec-57, Noida
Phone No : 2581156,2580845
Description: Drawing Machinery, Tools & Dies, Hoist, Crane, Furnaces, Flattering Mills & GI Plants

Malini Silk Mill
Address : A-36, Hosiery Complex, Sec 83, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3043555,46
Description: Fabric Printing

Address : C-299, Sec-10, Noida
Phone No : 2521999,2541013
Description: Cutting/Clicking Dies, Pattern Grading, Tin Pattern,
Moulded Insoles & Rubber Sole, Leather Sole, Nulite Sole, Mesonite & Norwood Heels

Malwa Leather Components (P) Ltd.
Address : C-299, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2521999,2541013/0120-2563689
Description: Cutting/Clicking Dies, Pattern Grading, Tin Pattern, Moulded Insoles & Rubber Soles

Mamraj Enterprises
Address : A-59, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2441420
Description: Steel fabrication

Man Kiran Electronics
Address : D-157, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2514671 2529237/0120-2522126
Description: D.C. drive, power regulators, A.C. drive, PID


50 of 2852 Companies in

Previous 1300| 1301 - 1350 of 2852| Next 1502

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