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Beeco Storage System
Address : D-113, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2543198,2545543
Description: Sheet rack, cable tray, work table, slotted angle,
mezzanine floor

Beekay Enterprises
Address : G-8, Site V, Kasna Indl. Area, Greater Noida
Phone No : 9210303690
Description: Plastic Products

Belco Pollution Control Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-2/9, Indl. Area, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 6578452,3917011-15/0120-3917019
Description: Air Pollution and Water Treatment Equipments

Bell Poly Moulders Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 13, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida
Phone No : 3292273
Description: Plastic Injection Mouldings

Bellis Hardware Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-12, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3078038
Description: Building Hardware

Belltek Canadian Water Ltd.
Address : A-16, Hosiery Complex, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2567371,72/0120-2567371
Description: Mineral Water

Beltek India Ltd.
Address : B-89, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2421676-77
Description: Television

Benchmark International
Address : B-101, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2403230
Description: Leather Shoes

Bengal Offset Works
Address : A-53, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2421280,2421489
Description: Offset Printing Press

Berger Paints (India) Ltd.
Address : Main Dadri Noida Rd., Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 011-26480394-96/011-26447864
Description: Paints

Berky International
Address : E-35, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2529387
Description: Jeans, shirts & trouser (export)

Bertech Engineering Co.
Address : C-147, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2552461
Description: Gauges, fixtures, dies & precision jobs

Best & Less Furniture
Address : D-82 (1st Floor), Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2540444
Description: Wooden Furniture

Best Packaging
Address : B-29, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422860,2422241
Description: Polythylene, PP, HM, Bags, Sheets, Flap Bags, Side Seal,
Tape Insertion, LD, PP, HM, BOPP Bgs etc.

Best Plastronics (P) Ltd.
Address : F-49, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 9810071599
Description: Rigid polyurethane products & PUF chemicals

Best Value Agrotech (P) Ltd.
Address : A-49, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423421
Description: Spices

Bestavision Infotech Ltd.
Address : D-189, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2548058,2547336/0120-2548062
Description: Computers

Bestever Toys
Address : B-1, Sec-59, Noida
Phone No : 2589838
Description: Toys of Foam

Besto Puf (P) Ltd.
Address : F-48, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2533384,85/0120-2533385
Description: Polyurethane products

Beta Maschinenfabrik Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-16, Ph-II, Sec-81, Noida
Phone No : 2462489/0120-2588096
Description: Air Blowers, Root Blowers

Bevel Engineering Company
Address : D-223, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2556844,2529301
Description: L.T. control panel & steel fabrication & erection job etc.

Bhagat Impex Ltd.
Address : C-33,34, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423357
Description: Metals Container & drums

Bhagwati Packers Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-389, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2524732,25585160/0120-2541301
Description: Corrugated boxes

Bhagwan Singh Tandon
Address : E-59, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423017,18/0120-2423649
Description: Wheels

Bhagwati Industries
Address : G-13, Site B, Surajpur, Noida
Phone No : 9810075428
Description: L.D. & H.M. Bags, Tube Sheet & Covers

Bhalla Electroplaters
Address : C-195, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2546608,2520500
Description: Electroplating

Bhalla Techtran Industries Ltd.
Address : D-24, Sec-11, Noida
Phone No : 2520083,2520345
Description: Automotive & Industrial Springs

Bhalla Techtran Industries Ltd.
Address : B-24, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2588150,2588151
Description: Automotive & Industrial Springs

Bhalla Techtran Ltd.
Address : D-24, Sec-11, Noida
Phone No : 2520083/0120-2443274
Description: Precision metallic spring

Bharat Electroplaters
Address : H-77, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 251276
Description: Zinc Plating & Zinc Cadmium

Bharat Exim International
Address : C-158, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 4255300
Description: Garments Export

Bharat Industries
Address : B-101, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2558083/0120-2530378
Description: Transformers, SPM, Toroid winding machine, welding
machine, stablizers

Bharat Plastic
Address : F-120, Sec-8, Noida
Phone No : 2422394
Description: PC Pipes & Fittings

Bharat Prints
Address : 14C & 14D, Mahila Udhayami Part-II, Greater Noida
Phone No : 9810238415
Description: Fabric Printing

Bharat Timber
Address : E-22, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2529369,2526218
Description: Steel Shuttering plate

Bhardwaj Electrical Works
Address : C-329, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2525741/0120-2534862
Description: Job work on motors & pumps

Bhaskar Power Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-137, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2521355, 2552080/0120-2540413
Description: Generator Set

Bhatti Engineering Works
Address : B-56, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2557141
Description: Dies, jigs, fixtures

Bhavani Engineering Works
Address : D-137, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 9818071349
Description: Plastic pet moulds, injection moulds

Bhawana International
Address : B-42, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420439
Description: Cotton Cloth, Sugar, Eva, LT, LHM, Self Adhesive, Foam,
Strowel Interlining Cloth for Shoes & Leather Garments

Bhayana Printers & Packers
Address : A-66, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2530742,2555781/0120-2555781
Description: Printers & packers - Computer Stationary, Screen & Offset

Bhichona Rough & Rags
Address : C-79, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2524482
Description: Quilts

Bhisham Sahni & Sons
Address : C-58, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2519194
Description: Wrist watch dial

Bhisham Sahni & Sons (H.U.F.)
Address : C-270, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2548261,2528360
Description: Wrist watch dials

Bhola Industries
Address : B-44, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420283
Description: Plastic Granules

Bibhu Motors India
Address : E-14, Sec-55, Noida
Phone No : 3098948,2588565/0120-2588565
Description: Bike Assemblies

Big Ideas Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-97, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 4337862
Description: Brass Fitting

Bigesto Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Address : E-29, Site B, UPSIDC, Indl. Area, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2569841,842/0120-2569131
Description: Electronic Equipments

Bikanerwala Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-12, Site B, Indl. Area, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2560341
Description: Food Products

Bima Ice Factory
Address : G-19, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 4323044
Description: Ice


50 of 2852 Companies in

Previous 100| 101 - 150 of 2852| Next 2702

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