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Haldiram Snacks (P) Ltd.
Address : B-10, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2400284-86/0120-2400287
Description: Food Products

Hands Enterprises
Address : B-128, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 4338055,435883510120-4358835
Description: Tin Painting Machine, Coating Machines, Travelling Oven & Process Equipments

Handicraft Collection Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-16, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 3917501-608
Description: Garment Esport

Handicraft Collections (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-76, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 4320216
Description: Handicraffs, Home Furnishing, Giftware Items & Antique Furnitures, Curtains, Cushions Cover, Tassels, Christmas Items Scarves & Fabrics with Fine Hand Embroidery & Plain, Soft Stone & Marble Articles

Handicraft Creations (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-163, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3052986
Description: Handicrafts Item Esports

Hanspul Techno Crafts
Address : J-68. Site V, Kasna IndI. Ares, Greater Noida
Phone No : 9810367926
Description: Structure Works br Exhibition & Display

Hanuman Industries
Address : A-53, Sector-1, Noida
Phone No : 2423003
Description: C.P. bathroom tittings & accessories

Hanung Furnishings Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 115, NSEZ, Noida
Phone No : 2450813-15/0120-24608 1 4
Description: Home Furnishing Items

Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd.
Address : A-21, Hosiury Comples, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2567501-04
Description: Home Finishing

Hanung Toys (India) Ltd.
Address : 108-109, HSEZ, Noida
Phone No : 2567501 -04,2460568,/0120-2562610
Description: Export of Soft Toys, Cushions, Kids Furnishings, Home Textiles

Har Karam Das Vedpal
Address : D-1, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2521395,2553983
Description: Washing soap

Harbanshi & Sons
Address : E-91, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422811
Description: Electric Transformer Parts (Tie Rods)

Hari-om Wood Crafts
Address : D-128,Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2558191,2518336
Description: Wooden cabinets for speaker, PA, system cabinets, speaker columns, computer tables, turniture

Harig Crankshafts Ltd.
Address : C-49, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3042456,2562416/0120-3042457
Description: Crank Shuffs

Harig Packaging
Address : E-148 & 149, Sector-1, Noida
Phone No : 2423308,2423627
Description: Tin conainera, compo can components

Hariss Machine’s Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-33-34, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 4338067
Description: CHC Lathe, Auto Lathe, SPM and Cylinderical Grinding Machine

Harprit Colour Vision Pvt. Ltd.
Address : I-1, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2535284,2520562
Description: Colour Television

Harrods India
Address : C-52, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 6529442
Description: Garments

Harsh Enterprises
Address : B-327, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2531280,2528583
Description: Job work on zinc electroplating

Harsh Enterprises
Address : B-59, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2421984
Description: Multicolour Pry-Printed Computer Continuous Stationery in all Sizes

Hartek Plastic Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-18, Hosiery Complex, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 4352625
Description: Lights

Havell’s India Ltd.
Address : D-1, Sec-59, Noida
Phone No : 2587815-26/0120-2583904
Description: Electrical Products

Havells Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-27, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 25258932524841 / 0120-2524841
Description: Switch Gear

Havells India Ltd.
Address : D-6, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2521843
Description: Electronic meter, MCV cables, changeover, panel board

Haylimas Electronics
Address : D-244, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2526404/0120-2441433
Description: Servo voltage stabilizer

Health Care Packaging
Address : A-33 A, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2554858,47
Description: Condom

Heena Packaging
Address : 1-39,Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2420248,2555329
Description: Corrugated Box, Duplex Boa, Wooden Pallet, Wooden Packaging, Fire Wood, Cement & Building Materials

Hyena Zeverat
Address : Plot 7, HSEZ, Phase-II, Noida
Phone No : 2563102-03/120-2563702
Description: Exports of Jewellery

Heirloom Collections (P) Ltd.
Address : A-13, Sector-100, Noida
Phone No : 2461 852-51,2563197/O1 20-2461 850
Description: Garment Exoorts

Heirloom Collections Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-60, Ph-II Extn,, Noida
Phone No : 2567384-86,4356968/O120-2563198
Description: Home Finishing

Hello Minerals Waler (P) Ltd.
Address : C-11-12, Sec-52, Noida
Phone No : 65651891
Description: Mineral Water

Hello Minerals Water Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-18, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2522432, 2558526
Description: Mineral Water

Hemkunt Industries
Address : C-51, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 4320627
Description: Precision Tamed Components

Hi-Tech Engg. Industries
Address : W-12, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2552554,2552033/0120-2541314
Description: Ball pen

Hi-Tech Engineering Industries
Address : D-42, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2554024,2522368/0120-2528085
Description: Sheet metal components & electric tans

Hi-Tech Polyflex Pvt. Ltd.
Address : H-1, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2546602
Description: Rotogravure Printing

Hi-Tech Tools
Address : G-45, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 3918655
Description: Tools & Die

Hicom system Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-383, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2529936,2543835/9, 120-2543835
Description: Inverters & UPS

Himachal Polymers (P) Ltd.
Address : A-32, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2580145
Description: PVC Pipes

Himalaya Chemicals
Address : C-222, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2441533
Description: Liquid soap, detergent powder, silicon, enzyme, desizer, acids, solvents & esport garments washing chemicals

Himalayan Ancient Natural Science Society
Address : C-38, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 4322897
Description: Organic Food, Organic Farming

Himansha Industries
Address : C-54, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 2539356/0120-2539356
Description: Hose Clamps, Radiator Pressure Caps

Hind Pack
Address : H-10, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2443124
Description: Plastic Blow Moulding Containers and Plastic Moulders

Hind Packaging
Address : F-73, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2547916
Description: Corrugated rolls, sheet & boxes

Hindustan Amusement Machines
Address : B-14, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 2558537,2526695/0120-2556373
Description: Amusement and Water Rides

Hinduatan Amusments Ltd.
Address : C-85-86, Hosiery Complex, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2568608
Description: Amusements Park Equipment

Hindustan Chhinmasta Technocrates
Address : C-19, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2524463
Description: Special purpose machine, press tool, gravitycasting, dies, jig fixture

Hindustan Clothing
Address : E-14, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2529621
Description: Garments export

Hindustan Enterprises
Address : C-215, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2537858
Description: Press tools, moulds, jig fixtures, special purpose machine & machine parts

Hindustan Power Tools
Address : Awana Mkt., Shop 5, Sector-2, Noida
Phone No : 2440905
Description: Repairing of Power Tools


50 of 2852 Companies in

Previous 800| 801 - 850 of 2852| Next 2002

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