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Greate Nation Values
Address : B-107,Sector-10,Noida
Phone No : 2525780
Description: MS. steel tabricators

Green Finger (P) Ltd.
Address : D-42,Sector-II, Noida
Phone No : 2554024/0120-252B086
Description: Sheet metal components

Greeting India
Address : A-45, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2521995
Description: Shoes

Grey Hound Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-38, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 30431 31-35
Description: Dome of Steel Fabrication

Greycell Communication
Address : 1-B, Main Road, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2541154, 2544888/0120-2541155
Description: Event & PR

Gripwel Fasteners
Address : A-20, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2522377
Description: Tractor parts

Gripwel Fasteners
Address : C-89 A, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2440868
Description: Tractor parts

Gripwell Fastners
Address : C-18-20, Sector-59, Noida
Phone No : 2580955,2581 837
Description: Tractor Parts

Grossan Industries
Address : B-78, Sec-5. Noida
Phone No : 2420408
Description: Lighting Fittings, Fistures & Chokes

Guddu Die Maker
Address : E-75, Sec-6 Noida
Phone No : 4346305
Description: Card Boards. Paper Cutting Dies, Brass Adaptors& Finger

Gujral Aircon Ltd.
Address : D-161 -162, Sec-83, Noida
Phone No : 2401053-64
Description: Airconditioning,Contractors, Engineers, Importers, Exporters, HVAC Solution Provider

Gulachi Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-77, Sec-8, Noida
Phone No : 4345512,5512521/0120-4345513
Description: NDT Testing

Gulzar Enterprises
Address : D-310, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2526019
Description: Automatic

Gurind (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : W-36, Sector-II, Noida
Phone No : 2554218.2551364/020-2555275
Description: Toughened glass, insulating glass

Gurind India (P) Ltd.
Address : W-34, Sector-II. Noida
Phone No : 2535659/0120-2555215
Description: Mirror & other glass processing Works

Gursarup Controls
Address : C-202, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2526994
Description: Control panels, MCB boards, distribution panel, junction box

Guru Nanak Embroidery
Address : C-56, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2441435
Description: Embroidery

Guru Hanak Engineering Works
Address : D-107, Sector-1,Noida
Phone No : 2423674/0120-2423676
Description: Automatic food processing plant - Machinery for Corn Flake, Soya Nuggets, Snack Foods, Noodles, etc.

Guru Nanak Marbles
Address : H-100, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2546462,3961312
Description: Marbles, Granite & Kota Stone

Guru Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-51, Sec 04, Noida
Phone No : 43239110.22,33/0120-2402409

Guru Tegh Bahadur Engg. Works
Address : C-44, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 9313624631
Description: Job Work of Machine Parts, Die Cooling Nipple and Production Items

Guru Tools
Address : E-23/C. Sector-10, Noida
Description: Plastic mould, pressare die-casting

H-One (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 12, Udyog Vihar, GreaterNoida
Phone No : 2559892-94/0120-2569895
Description: Auto Parts

H. Mahindera Engineers
Address : D-158, Sector-10. Noida
Phone No : 2534654,2443465
Description: PVC cable machine, H.M.,P.P. tubing machine, PVC compound machine

H.B. Engineering Works
Address : B-38, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2532305/0120-2524239
Description: Doctor holders, doctor blades circular (Top, bottom & multiple bottom) paper & plastic cuff ing knives

H.G. Electronics India (P) Ltd.
Address : A-97, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2588875-15/0120-2581130
Description: Electronic Products

Address : C-30, Sec-5. Noida
Phone No : 2422003
Description: Job Work ot Garment Stitching

H.K. Industries
Address : B-33, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 9811521011
Description: Road Construction Machinery

H.K.S. Plastech India
Address : B-64,Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422378
Description: Plastic Injection Moulding

H.M. Mehra & Co.
Address : B-43, Sec-57, Noida
Phone No : 2580913-74/0120-2580975
Description: Emoroidery

H.R. Engineering Company
Address : C-159, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2544755
Description: Tool room jobs, sheet metal dies, plastic moulding dies

H.S. Embroidery
Address : B-43,Sec-51, Noida
Phone No : 2580973-74/0120-2580275
Description: Embroidery

H.S, Heaters & Electricals
Address : I-31, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2546642
Description: Industrial & Domestic Heating Elements, Control Board, Ovens and Industrial Job Work

H.S. Heaters & Electricals
Address : C-72, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2546042
Description: Industrial & Domestic Heating Elements, Control Board, Ovens & Industrial Job Work

H.T. Media Ltd.
Address : 8, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2569862,63
Description: Newspaper

HBD Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 19, Udyog Kendra Industrial Area, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2350740-43/Of 20-2350744
Description: Offset Printing & Packaging

HCL Comnet Ltd.
Address : A-90, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2531940, 972101 20-2531 965
Description: Software & Hardware Solution

HCL Intosystems Ltd.
Address : E-4,5, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 252590B,2526993/0120-2525383
Description: Computers

HCL Infosystems Ltd.
Address : G-B-l0, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2522925, 2522700/0120-2522324
Description: Computer (Sales)

HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd.
Address : A-104, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2589690/0120-2589688
Description: Call Centre

HCL Technologies Ltd.
Address : A-B-9, Sec-50, Noida
Phone No : 2584362,66
Description: Software Developments

HLS Asia Ltd.
Address : C-2, Sec-51, Noida
Phone No : 2588385-90/0120-2589851
Description: Loging Services

Address : D-39, Sector-1, Noida
Phone No : 2423058/0120-24230511
Description: Hosiery fabrics

HPL India Ltd.
Address : D-392, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2529709
Description: Electric switch

HT Media Ltd.
Address : B-2, Sector-63, Noida
Phone No : 2402850-53
Description: Newspaper

Haby Engineering
Address : D-94 & 95, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2524602,2527361/0120-2524608
Description: Material handling eqpt., super market shelving system, large industries fabrication

Hadik (P) Ltd.
Address : C-43, Sector-1, Noida
Phone No : 2423612
Description: Audio, television parts


50 of 2852 Companies in

Previous 750| 751 - 800 of 2852| Next 2052

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