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Asian Paints Ltd.
Address : A-1, UPSIDC Kasna, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2341211-14/0129-2341210
Description: Paints

Asian Vinyal Mfg. Industries
Address : C-3, Site IV, Indl. Area, Surajpur, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2341907,2230704
Description: Rexine Plant

Asis Moulds (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 33, Udyog Vihar, Ecotech II, Greater Noida
Phone No : 2230272
Description: Dies & Moulds

Aspen Crew
Address : A-6, Hosiery Complex, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2462544
Description: Garment Exports

Asrange Craft
Address : C-44, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422804
Description: Garment Export

Assab Shripaul Steels Ltd.
Address : B-99, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2563303
Description: Dies & Fixtures

Assochem Industries
Address : A-15, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2528534
Description: Industrial chemicals

Associated Electronics Research Foundation
Address : C-53, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2562232-33,2562354-55/0120-2562355
Description: Electronic R & D Center

Associated Engineers Enterprises
Address : H-79, Sec-9, Noida
Phone No : 2548883/0120-2548883
Description: MS/SS, Steel Fabrication, Compactors, Heavy Duty, Storage
Systems, Slotted Angles, Cables Trays etc.

Associated Indian Merchandising Services
Address : D-100, Sec-63, Noida
Phone No : 2401118,2401055/0120-2401768
Description: Textile Items

Associated Industrial Furnaces (P) Ltd.
Address : F-9, Sector-11, Noida
Phone No : 2529169,2529187/0120-2555703
Description: Furnaces

Associated Label Industries (P) Ltd.
Address : D-68, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423425,26/0120-2553160
Description: Labels and sticker

Associates Stamping (P) Ltd.
Address : A-24, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2522127,2532127
Description: Stamping

Astha Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-43, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2545828, 2548185
Description: IT Solutions

Astrotek International
Address : B-26, Sector-8, Noida
Phone No : 2552761
Description: Television

Astruge Craft
Address : C-44, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422804-05
Description: Garment Export

Aswati International
Address : E-33, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 9810770801
Description: Job Work of Stitching

Atlantic Virgin Beverages
Address : D-72, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 9810100561
Description: Packaged Drinking Water & DM Water

Atlantis Embroideries
Address : B-111, 1st Floor, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2423721,4337721
Description: Computerised Embroidery

Atlantis Innovation
Address : A-5, Setctor-58, Noida
Phone No : 2580335,2585471/0120-2585470
Description: Garment Exports

Atrenta India Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-9, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 4323312-15/0120-2536181
Description: Software Development

Attashi Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-28, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420786/0120-2421244
Description: TV Radio Amplifier Transistor, Stereo Parts, & Surgical
Instruments Equipments

Aura Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-20, Udyog Kendra Extn. 1, Ind. Area, Greater Noida
Phone No : 3298050/011-22141090
Description: Lighting Fixtures, Electronic Ballast & CFL

Auric Merchandising Services Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-8, Sec-57, Noida
Phone No : 2587641-46/0120-2587650
Description: Export Garments

Aura International
Address : E-154, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423281
Description: Plastic moulding

Aurochem India Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-74-75, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 4312674-75/0120-4324674
Description: Pharmaceuticals

Auto Care
Address : E-150, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2543268
Description: Automobile parts

Automation Engineers & Constructor
Address : C-414, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2518475
Description: Engineer & constructor

Autometers Alliances Ltd.
Address : C-63, Sec-57, Noida
Phone No : 2583545,2583546/0120-2583542
Description: Railway Products

Automix Auto Ind. Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-12, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 2460761-762,766
Description: Auto Bulb Components

Automobile Ancilliary Products
Address : D-97, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2527666
Description: Precision turned components

Automotive Industrial Udyog
Address : A-25, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3045541
Description: Auto Parts

Autoplast Polytech Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-59, Sec-83, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 4461565/0120-4461566
Description: Bottles & Containers for Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Avadh Computerised Embroidery
Address : E-51, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2542277,4320674
Description: Computerised Embroidery

Avantika Elcon
Address : A-22, Sector-7, Noida
Phone No : 2423134
Description: Transformers

Avco Traders Pvt. Ltd.
Address : A-62, Sector-64, Noida
Phone No : 2402501-03/0120-2402504
Description: Home Furnishing Products

Avin International
Address : C-21, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 2422494,2422856/0120-2422510
Description: Garment Export

Avon Electrical Engineering Works
Address : B-39, Sec-64, Noida
Phone No : 9811763083
Description: Repairing Rewinding of AC/DC Motors, Generator,
Transformers, Automatic Machine Panel, Welding Machine, Submersible Pumps

Awanti Fashions
Address : A-72, Sec-2, Noida
Phone No : 2531047
Description: Garment Export

Axis Coltex
Address : D-164, Ph-II, Hosiery Complex, Noida
Phone No : 3044699,671-672
Description: Garment Exports

Axis Cotex Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-124, Sec-5, Noida
Phone No : 2420859,2420849
Description: Garment Export

Axis IT & T Pvt. Ltd.
Address : D-30, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2442920/0120-2442921
Description: Software

Ayantr E-Services Pvt. Ltd.
Address : B-87, Sec-60, Noida
Phone No : 9891359606
Description: Call Centre

Ayesha Fabricator
Address : C-40, Sec-6, Noida
Phone No : 4332229
Description: Shoes Upper, Leather Goods, Pasting Bag, Ladies Bags, File
Purses, Evening Bags, Travel Bags, Photo Frame, Lamp Shade, Jewelary
Bags, Vailet Cushan Cover & Home Furnishing

Aypee Industries
Address : C-69, Sector-10, Noida
Phone No : 2558737
Description: Shoe Upper

Ayushi Soft Drinks
Address : C-72, Sec-4, Noida
Phone No : 2244427
Description: Lemon Soft Drinks, Pouch & Soda

B & R Brass Collection Pvt. Ltd.
Address : C-15, Ph-II, Noida
Phone No : 3043000/0120-3043008
Description: Door Handles

B L International
Address : C-8, Sec-59, Noida
Phone No : 2490735,2490750
Description: Export House

B L International
Address : C-62, Sec-58, Noida
Phone No : 2585088,2586844/0120-2586845
Description: Export House

B. Box System Pvt. Ltd.
Address : E-7, Sec-3, Noida
Phone No : 2520836
Description: Television


50 of 2852 Companies in

| 1 - 50 of 2852| Next 2802

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